A registered Approval Donkey account is the only prerequisite as you can use the Feedback Panel to test things out. Otherwise try setting up your own Panel using the ‘Adding a Panel’ guide.


There are a number of ways to send/receive requests using Approval Donkey including via:

  1. From in the Approval Donkey app

  2. Adding to an online form (Wufoo, Typeform)

  3. via Panel Email address (Gmail, Outlook)

  4. Share function (MS Office, many other apps)

  5. Integration (Zapier, Xero)

This guide provides a brief overview on how to send a request via Email and Share (MS Office), for details on integration send/receive please see respective guides.

Sending a Request

Login to the Approval Donkey Dashboard    

Select ‘Send New Approval’ 

You will be taken to the Panels screen. Find the Panel you want to send a request to and click on the Panel Email address directly or right click and select ‘Copy email address’   

Your email system may have already opened and populated the ‘To’ field with the Panel Email address, otherwise open your email application and paste the email address into the ‘To’ field.Complete the request like you would any email with a subject and body. You can add attachments and they will be logged against the request in Approval Donkey.

Quick Tip:
Once you send an email to a specific email address your email system generally remembers it so next time you can just start typing the Panel Email e.g. Purch…it will find it again. Otherwise you can add the Panel address to your contacts like here. 

Click ‘Send’ and its done.  

From your MS Office application e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc select – File/Share/Email/Send as Attachment.   

The email window will open. If you have sent a request to the desired Panel before just start typing and then select the Panel address. Alternatively copy and paste the Panel email address from Approval Donkey if sending for the first time. 

Hit ‘Send’ and its done!  

Receiving a Request

All members of a Panel automatically receive an emailed request with the details of the request.

A member can choose to Approve or Decline the request directly from their email using the buttons. Or, they can click the link to view the full request details including any comments and attachments.   

All members also receive the full request available from the Approval Donkey Dashboard and can respond using the buttons here too.  

Once ALL approvers have approved the request the status changes from Pending to Approved.  

If only one Panel Members ‘Declines’ the request then the request status changes to Declined.  

Panel members can Approve or Decline as many times as they like but it is all tracked via the History section.  

When a requests ‘Deadline’ passed the status automatically changes to ‘Overdue’  

Full reporting is available via the Digest Report sent at a frequency of your choice.  

Go to the ‘Settings’ page of Approval Donkey to change the reports frequency or to turn it off completely.  

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