There are three types of Approval Donkey accounts that you may have:

  1. Email only (Unregistered)

  2. FREE account (Registered)

  3. PAID account (Registered)

Cancelling your Account

Email only (Unregistered)  

Essentially there is no account to cancel. However, a point to note:·If you are still receiving approval requests that you no longer require or want, please advise the Panel owner (the person who originally added you) to remove you from the Panel. 

To downgrade your PAID account 

When you signed up to the Approval Donkey PLUS account you will have received an invitation to a Billing Portal. The Billing Portal lets you cancel and maintain your account plus access invoices. The email looks like the below example:

Note: If you cannot find the original email or are having issues accessing the Billing Portal please just email your request to and we will action it ASAP.  

Once logged into the Billing Portal select the ‘Cancel’ option and follow the on screen instructions.  

Removing your Account

To completely remove your account and all your associated data go to your settings page and scroll to the bottom. Select 'Remove Account' and then confirm.

Please note: Removing your account completely removes your profile and your data will no longer be accessible. You won't be able to login or re-open your account and there is no undo.

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