Do people I send requests to need to register with Approval Donkey?

No they don't users can choose to not register and just complete their requests via email, however they are missing out on some valuable benefits like mobile solutions, access to tracking, audit history and digest status reports etc.

Can I create or join more than one Panel?

You you can create and belong to as many Panels as you require. Each Panel can be for whatever purpose you require.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! As a customer of Approval Donkey, you get a personal referral code. Share with friends and earn $20 in credit and your friend gets a 20% discount. 

What devices can I use to respond to a request?

The Approval Donkey platform is built using a fully responsive design which means it looks good and works well on recent versions of the most widely used browsers on all device types including phones, tablets and desktops.

What obligations are there after my FREE trial has expired?

None, you can choose to stay on the FREE account for as long as you desire.

Does Approval Donkey have iOS (Apple) or Android phone or tablet apps?

Not at this stage but we may offer these in the future. We have used a mobile first and fully responsive design for the Approval Donkey system which means it works well and can be used on any browser on any device type. 

I have a great suggestion for a feature for Approval Donkey, what should I do?

Our project/company methodology encourages user feedback and suggestions therefore we would absolutely love to hear what you have to say, please email them to 

How do I cancel or delete my account?

To cancel your PLUS account go to the Approval Donkey Billing portal, you should have received a link to the Portal in your original sign-up email. If you cannot find this or are having trouble accessing please email us at so we can help sort things out.

To completely delete your account go to your settings page and select 'Remove Account' and then confirm. Please note you will no longer be able to access your data or login and there is no undo.

What happens when a Xero request is declined in Approval Donkey?

When transactions are declined in Approval Donkey what happens now with our updated integration is that Approval Donkey will automatically move transactions from the ‘Awaiting Approval’ folder in Xero to the ‘Drafts’ folder.

From the drafts folder declined transactions can ‘Re-submitted for approval’ and they will be automatically routed to Approval Donkey and re-submitted to the appropriate approval workflow.

When Purchase Orders are declined in Approval Donkey they are not shifted to the ‘Drafts; folder in Xero and will remain in the ‘Awaiting Approval’ folder. This is because this functionality is not currently supported by the Xero integration (API).

What happens to my Panels if I cancel my paid account?

If you happen to create multiple Panels on a paid account and then downgrade to a free account or cancel altogether then your Panels will become inactive and automatically archived. As soon as you enable a paid account again then you will be able to un-archive your Panels again.

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