How do I setup a new Panel and add Members?

To create a new Panel:

  • Go to to (Register or Login)

  • Click 'Add New Panel'

  • Enter a Panel name of your choice

  • Add as many Panel Members as you require

  • Click Save

Can I create more than one Panel?

Yes you can create as many Panels as you like for whatever purpose you like.

How does the 'My Pending' folder work?

The 'My Pending' folder is your personal view of any requests you have not responded to yet. Once all your requests have been responded too it will show as empty, these may still need to be actioned by anyone else involved in the request.

How do I change the frequency or stop the digest email report?

Just go to the settings page on the Approval Donkey platform and change the frequency to your choice or to suspend the digest report.

What notifications will I receive?

The only notifications you will receive are Approval requests and up to one reminder if its activated by your Panel owner. We have deliberately tried to keep the number of notifications to a minimum.

Can I turn any notifications off?

Yes, you can turn any approval request notifications and/or summary reports off by going to the settings page when you are logged into the application.

Can I change my response e.g. from Declined to Approved or from Approved to Declined?

Yes you can change you mind as many times as you like up until the requested has an 'Approved' or 'Declined' status, its all recorded in the activity history.

How does the required response setting work?

This setting works for any specific Panel (Approval Workflow) you set-up with any number of members and set a designated number of responses required to approve (or decline) a request. For example, you may have a Panel with 5 members and any of these members can approve or decline requests, you can set the number of required responses to 2 meaning only 2 out of the 5 members are required to respond to the request. The default setting for all Panels is ‘All’ meaning all Panel members are required to respond.

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