How do I setup a new Panel?

To create a new Panel:

  • Go to to (Register or Login)

  • Click 'Add New Panel'

  • Enter a Panel name of your choice

  • Add as many Panel Members as you require

  • Click Save

How can I send a request directly from my own email system?
Just go to the Panel Summary page and click on the Panels email link, this should open up your default email system and send a request just like you would an email.

If your default email system does not automatically open try copy and pasting the link into the 'To' field of your email system.

You can save this email address to your contacts for easy sending directly from your own email system.

How do I retain formatting on Requests?
You can retain formatting on requests e.g. line spacing colors, images etc by sending them as HTML, for example when setting up a Zap in Zapier choose the HTML version of the request contents over the plain version if it is available.

What notifications will I receive?
The only notifications you will receive are Approval requests and up to one reminder if its activated by your Panel owner. We have deliberately tried to keep the number of notifications to a minimum.

Can I change my response e.g. from Declined to Approved or from Approved to Declined?
Yes you can change you mind as many times as you like up until the requested has an 'Approved' or 'Declined' status, everything is recorded in the activity history.

How can I make a comment against a request?
Yes you can, just navigate to the comments section, click the comment icon and add your comment.

How do I remember the Panel email address?
We would recommend that you do not try and remember the Panel email address but rather let your systems do this for you.

Typically your email system will remember email addresses as soon as you send an email to that address, but you can also save any address into your contacts as well.

Why do I sometimes appear to get duplicate requests?
This is due to a reminder notification setting which resend's the request a second time after a time set by the Panel owner if you have not responded to the request within the allocated time frame. If this time-frame is too short please contact your Panel owner to change.

When I send a request why does it auto approve it?
There is a setting against each Panel you set up that lets you choose to have any requests that you send as the Panel owner are auto approved, check this setting is how you want it.

I am set as a reviewer on a Panel, why can I not do anything on a request?
This is because as a reviewer you are only copied into a request as an FYI, you are not able to approve or decline a request but you can comment or add attachments and photos to the request.

When sending requests to a Panel from Email or via an Integration why do they not appear on my Dashboard as an approval request?
This may be because the Panel you are sending requests to as been set to not allow requests from other systems, if so just change this setting to 'Yes' via the Panel settings page.

Alternatively, this may be because the Panel you are sending requests to has been archived, if so just change this setting to 'No' via the Panel settings page.

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