How do I enable an integration with Xero in Approval Donkey?
Follow these simple steps to get an automated integration with Xero and Approval Donkey set-up:

  1. Login to Approval Donkey and go to your 'Settings' page

  2. Click 'Enable' next to the Xero icon

  3. If you haven't already start your FREE 14 day trial account with Approval Donkey (You may need to click 'Enable' again after completing the trial set-up

  4. Select the 'Connect to Xero' button (You may have to select the setting icon)

  5. You will now go through the authorization steps with Xero to connect your Xero organisation

  6. Once completed you will come back to Approval Donkey to select what Panel or Panels you want each Xero transaction to go to

  7. Click save and its all done

What transactions does Approval Donkey handle from Xero?

Approval Donkey pulls through all:

  • Invoices

  • Purchase Orders

  • Bills

  • Credit Notes

When they are 'Submitted for Approval' in Xero. Once they are approved in Approval Donkey they are automatically moved to the 'Awaiting Payment' folder in Xero.

Is it best to set-up my Panels before enabling the integration?
Yes this would be the recommended approach that way as your are configuring the integration you have all the required Panels available at the time. It is no problem to change your Panels later of course.

How often does Approval Donkey automatically pull transaction 'Submitted for Approval' from Xero?
Every 5 minutes Approval Donkey pulls all Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bills and Credit Notes that you have 'Submitted for Approval' in Xero. This is automatic and as long as your integration is set-up correctly there is nothing further you need to do.

Can I add or change what Panels my Xero transactions map too?
Yes you can add further Panels and change what Panels transactions are sent to at anytime. Just go to the setting page and then click on the settings icon next to the Xero integration line item then complete the required mappings using the available drop downs and 'Save'.

What happens when a transactions that has been 'Submitted for Approval' is approved?
All transaction that have been 'Submitted for Approval' and then subsequently approved in Approval Donkey are automatically moved to the 'Awaiting Payment' folder in Xero. You may still need to actually send these invoices to their intended recipients, Approval Donkey does not complete this step.

What happens to declined transactions?
Transactions that have been 'Submitted for Approval' in Xero and declined in Approval Donkey are moved to the 'Drafts' folder. From the drafts folder you may amend and re-submit the transaction for approval.

Are there any additional costs integrating Xero with Approval Donkey?
After your 14 day FREE trial you will move onto the PLUS account which costs NZD $19.00 per month, that is that only cost your will be required to pay from Approval Donkey.

How do I set-up conditional fields to route approval request to different Panels (Approvers)?
Please see our Resources section for guides on conditional fields and more.

I have set up an Approval workflow using the Tracking Name as a conditional field, do I still need to enter a Tracking Option in Xero?
Yes you still need to include a Tracking Option on any transaction in Xero to have it route through by the Tracking Name, otherwise both items won't be included on the request from Xero and Approval Donkey won't be able to find it and route it to the correct Panel.

Will Approval Donkey bring through any attachments I add to transactions in Xero?
Yes, when you have additional attachments added to a transaction that’s submitted for approval in Xero, Approval Donkey will bring them through via the integration along with all the other information.

How do I disconnect from Xero?
Just go to your settings page in Approval Donkey and select 'Disable'. You may also go to the connections part of your Organisation is Xero and disconnect from there too.

Why is my Xero Reference number on Invoices not mapping correctly?
On Xero Invoices there are 2 reference fields. The one at the top of invoice maps to the "InvoiceNumber' field in Approval Donkey. The other reference in the make a payment section maps to the field actually called 'reference' in Approval Donkey. See the diagram below for further explanation. 

What is the delimiter for the value field when adding conditions in the Xero mapping?
The de-limiter is a semi colon (;) use this field to separate values.

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