There are a range of emailed notifications that you may receive during everyday use of Approval Donkey. These include:

  • New Request Emails

  • Reminder Email (Non Responses)

  • Status Update - Emails

  • Non-Member Status Update - Emails

  • Approver vs Reviewer 

We have deliberately tried to cut down the number of emails you may receive and then provide the ability to turn these on or off to your liking.

New Request Emails

Whenever you are a Panel member and a new approval request is created you will receive an approval request email (you will have received a Welcome request when you signed up).

Turn off Emailed Requests

You can turn off emailed request by going to your settings pages and clicking on the gear icon and then un-selecting 'Receive Emails for New Requests' as per below.

This now means you will not receive an email whenever a new approval request is created (handy if you get a lot of approval requests to stop clogging your email inbox).

Quick tip: 

Manage your approvals via the digest report for advising you have outstanding approvals and the 'My Pending' folder to manage your workload when logged in. 

Reminder Emails

As a Panel Owner i.e. you set up the Panel, you can set a timing for an automated email to trigger after an initial request is received via the below setting. Turn reminders on/off by ticking/un-ticking the 'Activate' box.

If the reminder time is triggered the approval request is simply re-sent to any Approvers that have not yet responded. Anyone who has responded or is added to the Panel as a Reviewer does not receive any reminder request.

Status Update Emails 

By default you will get an auto email whenever a requests status changes including Approved, Declined and Overdue requests. Turn these on/off via your settings page.

Non-Member Status Update Emails 

User who are not part of a Panel can still send requests to a Panels email address and get notified whenever a requests status changes including Pending, Approved, Declined and Overdue requests. Turn these on/off via the particular Panels settings page. 

Approvers vs Reviewers

You may add yourself or a member to a Panel as an Approver or a Reviewer.

  1. Approver– this role has the ability to approve or decline requests

  2. Reviewer– this role is not required to approve or decline requests, but will still be copied into any requests for visibility and can comment or add attachments (the approve/decline buttons on any requests sent to a Reviewer are inactive) 

Note: A Reviewer can still send approval requests to a Panel.

Each Panel must have at least one approver therefore if you choose ‘Reviewer’ for yourself then you must Add a Member as an approver.

Quick tip:

For workflows like Staff Travel requests where the person requesting the approval is not expected to approve or decline the request but does need to know the outcome then add them to the Panel as a Reviewer member. This allows them to be copied into the request and get updates via the Digest Email Report or by logging into their Approval Donkey dashboard. 

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