This document has been put together to provide additional information on the different Approval Donkey accounts (Free & Paid) what you can and can’t do on each and how to set them up. 


There are three types of Approval Donkey accounts that you may have:

  1. Member (Unregistered) - Email only FREE account 

  2. Member (Registered) - FREE account 

  3. PLUS (Registered) - PAID account 

Member (Unregistered) - Email only FREE account

This typically occurs when a colleague or someone you know invites you to one of their Panels as a member.

  • You will have received an email invitation to the Panel

  • You can be a member of an unlimited number Panels for FREE

  • You can choose to remain on the email only account forever or register for a free account

  • As long as your Panel owner has listed you down as an approver you will be able to approve or decline any emailed approval requests using the buttons

  • If you are listed down as a ‘Reviewer’ then the above buttons will be deactivated and you can only add comments or attachments

  • To add comments and/or attachments to a request simply select ‘Reply’ type your comment and/or add an attachment and send the email like you would any email

You need never login to Approval Donkey or any other system to complete your approval requests and can do it via email only.


There is functionality that you miss out on with an email only account vs competing the registration steps:

  • Send unlimited approval requests

  • Access to full request history including who has and hasn’t responded

  • Provide and view all comments and attachments

  • Dashboard with filtering to see all requests

  • Ability to quickly respond to multiple requests

  • Ability to set-up your own Panels (30 day free trial for up to 3 Panels)

  • Automated reporting at a frequency of your choice

  • Zapier integration and ability to set-up Zaps

  • Xero integration

Member (Registered) - FREE account

You may have found Approval Donkey yourself or received an invite to a Panel from a colleague or someone you know and have chosen to complete the registration steps i.e. Registering as a new user. 

You can be a member of any number of Panels and have full access to the application (only Panel Owners i.e. the person who set it up and invited you needs to be on a PLUS account to keep the Panel activated).

Remember to activate the account by confirming your email address otherwise you will not be able to login.

If you cannot find the email to confirm your address, please use the ‘Resend confirmation email’ function on the login screen to send a new one.

PLUS (Registered) - PAID account

Panel owners are required to be on the PLUS account to keep any Panels they have created active or if they wish to add more than 3 Panels in total. The PLUS account has access to all Approval Donkey functionality.

Note: 3 Panel limit includes any archived or removed Panels in the count. 


  • Everything

  • Including ability to create unlimited number of Panels (approval workflows)

  • Invite an unlimited number of Members to your Panels

Active Panels

Approval Donkey works on the basis of activated Panels (approval workflows). Any registered member is able to create up to 3 Panels and invite Panel members and it will remain active, free for 30 days. After 30 days the Panel Owner is required to upgrade their account to a PLUS account to keep the Panel active or if they want to add more than 3 Panels. 

Auto Archiving

If the Panel Owner does not upgrade to a PLUS account after 30 days then sometime later the Panel will be automatically archived and therefore become inactive for the Panel Owner and any Members.

Note: this does not effect any Panels where the Panel Owner is a Member of any other Panels i.e. He/She did not create it and was simply invited to it.

To re-activate a Panel simply go to the Panel settings page and select un-archive, complete the upgrade process and the Panel will be re-instated. 

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